About us

The Glen Endoscopy Centre is registered with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services as a day procedure hospital to provide gastro-intestinal endoscopy service.​

  • In our everyday work, we strive to work professionally, conscientiously, compassionately and kindly.

  • We strive to encourage and engage patients, their carer and families as best we can within a day procedure hospital context.

  • We strive to encourage, support and facilitate patients, their carers and families to be involved in and take shared responsibilities for their health outcomes.

  • We strive to work supportively and collaboratively with our colleagues to enable the entire workforce experience greater personal and professional satisfaction and growth.

  • We strive to learn, train and open ourselves up to new, better and responsive ways of working with and caring for patients, their carers and families.

Our Values

  • To provide high quality and safe services. 

  • To contribute greatly to the health and well-being of the community we serve.

  • To be a role model for other health providers in providing health services to diverse groups of people.

Our Vision








TGEC values accessible, quality and safe services provided in a dedicated, down-to-earth, considerate and responsible manner.

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